Comforting baby toys with a cause

Octopus Toys

Octoprem octopus toys are cute, cuddly, comforting, and most importantly, every sale helps us contribute to a worthy cause!

Our octopus Softies feature a soft plush head and crochet tentacles and are perfect for premature and newborn babies. Our Rattles feature a gentle chime inside the head for an added sensory experience, and come with a clip so they can be attached to a pram or play gym. They are ideal for newborn and older babies, or for premature babies once they are out of the hospital environment.

All Octoprem toys are independently tested to ensure they comply with safety requirements for baby toys, and are made using high quality materials to ensure they can be washed at high temperatures to kill bacteria and can withstand tumble drying (so they are very easy to care for)! 

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