Comforting baby toys with a cause

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Octoprem?

Octoprem is a newly developed range of octopus themed toys for babies. The range will include our comforting Softies, a squishy Rattle, a cuddly Blankie and more – all tested to ensure they meet and exceed Australian, New Zealand and US product safety standards!

But we’re not just about the toys - we want to help support groups and charities that are aimed at improving the lives of premature and sick babies and their families. That’s why we’ll be donating $2 from every Octoprem sale to Miracle Babies Foundation, and will be running Comforting Contributions drives where we will donate our toys to nominated charities, causes or groups who would like to receive them. 

Why did you choose an octopus shape?

Recent media articles and mothers’ own experiences suggest that long crochet curls – such as crochet octopus or jellyfish tentacles – feel like an umbilical cord to a new baby and can provide them with comfort, from their first few days in hospital and beyond. They have been known to be especially comforting for premature babies who enter the world a little too soon.

Premature babies often spend their first few days or weeks in an incubator, with numerous wires and tubes attached to them, which they sometimes pull out. It has been shown that holding onto crocheted curls may prevent these babies from pulling on their wires and tubes, saving them from the unnecessary discomfort of having them reinserted.

Based on this and our own experience, we’ve developed the idea into a range of toys that are suitable for all babies – premature, newborn and older babies – and importantly, which are safety tested so you know our toys are safe for use in hospital and at home.

On top of that, we think that octopuses are super cute and have some fascinating characteristics which make them perfect companions – did you know octopuses have 3 hearts and are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates, so they have lots of wisdom and love to share!

What are Octoprem toys made from and how do we look after them?

Our Octoprem Softies have a 100% cotton exterior - the head has a cotton plush exterior and the tentacles are cotton yarn, while the filling for the head is 100% polyester. 

To cater for the hospital environment, our Softies can be washed at up to 60˚C. For general use, we recommend warm hand washing or a delicate machine wash cycle. For best results, we recommend air drying in the sun, however if you need to use the tumble dryer, please do so with a delicates bag.

Which charities does Octoprem support?

Not only are Octoprem toys comforting, but they are also for a worthy cause - we are so proud to be partnering with Miracle Babies Foundation, one of Australia’s leading organisations supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them.

Octoprem also works with other charities and groups from time to time by donating funds, food and toys depending on the needs of the charity. Read more about Our Affiliations here.

Tell me more about the safety testing…

Did you know that all toys intended for babies under 36 months must meet certain product safety requirements prior to sale in Australia?

The mandatory product safety standards for these toys are contained in  Consumer Protection Notice No. 14 of 2003, as amended by Consumer Protection No. 1 of 2005, and is based on the voluntary Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124. These standards consider the design and construction of toys, materials used and reasonable wear and tear.

According to the Product Safety Australia website “the mandatory standard was created to reduce the chances of small parts coming off toys during play or after reasonable wear and tear, therefore helping to prevent choking, suffocation, or death.”

Similar safety requirements also exist for toys sold in the United States and Europe, and we consider safety testing as an imperative part of our business model, to ensure our products are the best that they can be!

We want to make sure we are only offering high quality, safe and reliable products, especially when they are going into such precious hands. We believe that compliance testing = safe toys = happy baby and parents!

For more information about Australian product safety standards, visit Product Safety Australia.

What are Octoprem’s Comforting Contributions?

Octoprem is all about providing comfort and companionship in a safe way, to anyone who may benefit from it. Our Softies are especially useful for premature babies and sick newborns, but they are also beneficial for toddlers who face extended hospital stays, and children and adult patients who have sensory disorders or are recovering from illnesses or surgery and need to keep their hands occupied.

As part of our desire to give back, we will be running Comforting Contributions, a donation drive to provide Octoprem Softies to a group, cause or charity who would like to receive them. Learn more about our current Comforting Contributions drive here. 

How can I nominate a group, cause or charity to receive Comforting Contributions from Octoprem?

If you could like to nominate a group to receive our Octoprem Softies, Contact Us through our website and let us know who you are, where you are from, who you want them for and why/how you think they will be useful for your nominated group.

We will consider all responses we receive and over time, we hope to reach out to as many groups, causes and charities as we can!

How can I donate an Octoprem to your Comforting Contributions drive?

Simply go to our Comforting Contributions page to see the nominated charity, group or cause we are currently donating to. These Octoprem Softies are offered at a discounted price and you can choose to donate as little as half the value of a Softie or a whole Softie (or more if you like!) 

You can also include a personalised message to go with your contribution and we will keep you updated on the progress of the Comforting Contributions you have donated to.

We are also seeking corporate sponsorships to help us provide regular donations of our Softies to NICU care packs that are distributed by various charities and support groups to Australian hospitals. Any donation – large or small – will help us make a difference to these precious little miracles.

We are very grateful to everyone who shares our passion and we thank you for your generosity!